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Products vs.

Most companies exist as products, offering value to the end consumer only through the product itself. The most successful companies invest in their creative direction, content production, web and social media experience, and partnership strategy to exist as a brand with personality, voice, and a distinct vibe.


Great brands let companies:

1. Market more effectively

When your brand is cohesive & well articulated, your marketing initiatives will be too.

2. Close deals more easily

Value propositions are built in so that growing sales, retail share, and partnerships becomes simple.

3. Command higher prices

People pay more for products with higher perceived value. Companies pay more to acquire businesses who've created higher brand equity.

Take a look at a few ways we've transformed plain products into powerful brands:


Before & After

Prod v Brand - Selfies Tile copy.jpg

Beauty Bakerie

Before & After:

Prod v Brand - BB Tile.jpg

Premium Jane

Before & After

Prod v Brand - PJ Tile.jpg
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