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It's like talk therapy, but for your business.

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Founded in 2021 on the belief that brands have to pay too much money to get high quality outsourced marketing, Hannah left the corporate world (where she grew Beauty & Wellness brands in her time leading departments across Marketing) for entrepreneurship. Beginning with a wide-ranging service menu -- spanning Brand ID, Creative Production, Social Media, and Influencer -- the "Banana Brands" consultancy grew to offer advisory services, web design, business development/B2B strategy, full service creative productions (from photoshoots to packaging), IG/FB/TikTok management, and more, all at the most competitive rates relative to the depth & impact of deliverables. I am proud to have landed my clients in Forbes, partnered them with leading brands in their niche, and grown their social media channels through organic strategies as a result of engineering my clients' brands to resonate on social media and generate demand without massive spend or paid partnerships. Today, "Banana Brands" has evolved into "Sunshine Creative," my full-service production agency. We have tightened our services to lead with 1 clear and compelling offer: High Performance Content. I separately continue to spend time working 1:1 with brands, founders and creatives through consulting packages (detailed on this page).

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