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banana's STORY

What is your passion? How far back do you remember having it? 90's home videos reveal a 4-year old Hannah Banana presenting an array of glittered fairy foods made from homemade Play-Doh as if the man behind the camera was a Shark Tank panelist, and not my giggling father. Old churchgoers remember the first "brand" I launched with my sister at 8 years old: Soaps For Life. We made the bars in our kitchen from craft glycerin & essential oils, plus whatever mom would let us steal from the baking cupboard. Our colorful creations logo-labeled and wrapped meticulously in taffeta attracted lines after Mass...and grumbles from the neighborhood moms whose kids' hands were dyed rainbow from our use of nonpareil sprinkles. At least all proceeds went to charity?

My need to create brands carried with me through college, where I pioneered the re-branding of Cornell University's campus media organization & the re-design of the Cornell Daily Sun (subsequently ranked #1 college newspaper by the Princeton Review). During & after college, I collected experience from some of the most remarkable brands of their categories - like AT&T, Sephora, and Forever 21. I asked a lot of questions, received a lot of mentorship, and wore a lot of hats.

After three years leading brand marketing & business development initiatives for major names in fashion and beauty, I received the opportunity launch a lifestyle brand in the newly emerging cannabis space - where I had 0 experience - overseeing all things marketing and biz dev. Within a calendar year, I led the brand to hit the shelves of more than 50 cannabis retailers, attract high-quality influencer and brand partnerships with industry-leading creative, make Forbes (twice!), and rise to the top of the biggest cannabis franchise’s sales rankings. 


My decade of knowledge from the most competitive industries & product categories, coupled with my creative leadership and kickass network of creatives with extreme passion for building brands, made leaving the 9-5 life the most exciting and logical next career step.  Alongside my 'dream team,' I am sharing my formula and learnings with more brands seeking to stand out in the rapidly growing and increasingly competitive digital marketplace. We are huge believers in the expression "where there is a will, there is a way," and have a track record of achieving huge results on a dime. No team or budget is too small to create a standout brand. Let's make it happen!

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